Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Germany


Summer 2022

Morphology: Theory, Acquisition, Processing

Complex Expressions: Syntactic, Morphological, and Psycholinguistic Considerations  


Winter 2021/22

Speaking, Hearing, and Language Processing

Introduction to Linguistics and the English Language

Research Colloquium in English Linguistics


Summer 2021

Language Acquisition

Psycholinguistics and the Interfaces


Winter 2020/21

The Sounds of Language

Introduction to Linguistics and the English Language

Research Colloquium


Summer 2020

English Phonology




Universität Kassel, Germany


Winter 2019/20

Syntactic Theory 

Experimental Pragmatics 


Summer 2019


Introduction to Linguistics


Winter 2018/19


Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology 


Summer 2018

Syntax, Morphology, and the Brain 

Introduction to Linguistics 


Winter 2017/18

Empirical methods in different areas of grammar 

Introduction to Morphology 


Summer 2017

Experimental Phonetics 

Introduction to Semantics 


Winter 2016/17

Psycholinguistic investigations 


Winter 2015/16

Varieties of English 


Summer 2015

Phonological analysis 


Winter 2014/15

Compound words: Structural, functional and psycholinguistic aspects 


Summer 2014

Lexicalization: Empirical and experimental aspects 


Winter 2013/14

Morphology and the mental lexicon 


Winter 2010/11

Introduction to French literature (Tutorial at undergraduate level)