2014 - 2017

Doctoral student in Linguistics, University of Kassel, Germany

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy

Title of dissertation: Memorization and the compound-phrase distinction: An investigation of complex constructions in German, French and English

(Prof. Dr. Holden Härtl, Prof. Dr. Pienie Zwitserlood)


2011 - 2012

Student of Linguistics, History and French Literature, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA



Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française (DALF), level C2,

Institut Français Frankfurt/Main, Germany


2009 - 2010

Au-pair and student at Alliance Française, Bordeaux, France


2008 - 2013

Student of English, French and Education, University of Kassel, Germany

Degree: First State Exam for Highschool Teachers

Thesis: Morphological approaches to the mental lexicon and their implications for second-language learning


1999 - 2007

Student at Philipp-Melanchthon Highschool Schmalkalden, Germany

Degree: A-levels (Abitur)