Dr. Marcel Schlechtweg


University of Kassel

Department of English and American Studies

English Linguistics

Kurt-Wolters-Straße 5

34125 Kassel






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Recent publications

My and Holden Härtl's paper Do we pronounce quotation? An analysis of name-informing and non-name-informing contexts has been published in Language and Speech.



My paper The compound-phrase divide and the lexicon: Insights from non-lexicalized adjective-noun combinations in German has been published in Lingua 227.



My paper The naming potential of compounds and phrases: An empirical study on German adjective-noun constructions has been published in Word Structure 11(3).




Upcoming workshop

Holden Härtl and I will organize the workshop Expressing the use-mention distinction: An empirical perspective at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the German Linguistic Society in Hamburg, Germany, from March 4 through 6, 2020.



Upcoming talk

Schlechtweg, Marcel and Corbett, Greville G. The acoustics of word-final [z] in English: A comparison of pluralia-tantum and regular-plural nouns. Talk at the 19th International Morphology Meeting, Vienna, Austria, February 6 trough 8, 2020. 



Current courses

University of Kassel, Germany

Fall / Winter 2019/20

Experimental Pragmatics

Syntactic Theory