Prof. Dr. Marcel Schlechtweg

English Linguistics, Language Acquisition, and Language Processing

Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all


Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

School of Linguistics and Cultural Studies

Institute of English and American Studies

Ammerländer Heerstraße 114-118

26129 Oldenburg




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Upcoming talks and poster presentations

Schlechtweg, Marcel & Greville G. Corbett. When the s remains an s: Further explorations in the acoustics of the English plural suffix. Talk at the International Symposium of Morphology 2021, Toulouse, France, September 22-24. (online)



Schlechtweg, Marcel. "Hearing" quotation marks. Talk at the 50th Poznan Linguistic Meeting, Poznan, Poland, September 16-19. (online)  



Upcoming conferences and workshops

Schlechtweg, Marcel & Ronald Geluykens. Current trends in English linguistics. Oldenburg, Germany, from May 19 through 20. 


Schlechtweg, Marcel, Esther Ruigendijk, Bénédicte Grandon & Stephanie Kaucke. Hearing and Linguistics. Oldenburg, Germany, from May 13 through 14.


Schlechtweg, Marcel & Nanna Fuhrhop. Interpunktion verpflichtet. Workshop at the 44th Annual Meeting of the German Linguistic Society, Tübingen, Germany, February 23-25.