Impact of morphosyntactic agreement on the acoustics of word-final s in English

(with Greville G. Corbett)


Acoustics of pure quotation in English

(with Holden Härtl and Philippe de Brabanter)


Functions, use, and benefits of quotation marks: Psycholinguistic and crosslinguistic aspects

(with Nanna Fuhrhop)


Acquisition of the German nominal plural system in children with normal hearing and children with a cochlea implant

(with Bénédicte Grandon and Esther Ruigendijk)


Phonetic and phonological processing in a foreign language with hearing impairment

(with Stephanie Kaucke)


Impact of the L1 German e ɛ (non-)distinction on hearing the æ ɛ distinction in L2 English

(with Jörg Peters and Marina Frank)